Kvarner to the New World cover From the Kvarner to the New World:   Lošinj Mariners and Shipbuilders in the Americas 1748-1974


Numerous mariners ventured out from Lošinj, a small Adriatic port to settle in North and South America. They established several thriving communities in this new land where their descendants are found today. These mariners founded numerous ship building enterprises that spanned over 200 years. It begins with the arrival of a group of Lošinj sailors and officers to the Gulf of Mexico in 1748 and ends with the closing of the Martinolich Shipyard of Tacoma, Washington in 1974.


Young single Lošinj men began to settle in Boston, New Orleans, and San Francisco in the 1840’s and 1850's. These early immigrants married local American wives. In the following decades entire Lošinj families began to transport themselves to America. Over the next generation or two, these American and Canadian families began to lose their connection to Lošinj, but some of the old generation still alive today has preserved their Lošinj family identy on the American coasts on the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific side.


2018   115 pp   ISBN 978-0-9959180-1-6