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Croatian Genealogy Primer

This presentation provides the basic components required for Croatian genealogy. Special attention is given to the uniqueness of its genealogical records.




Croatian Records


Croatian Parish Records

Parish B/M/D microfilms are available from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). For a partial list of Croatian parish records that have been microfilmed see and up-to-date Croatian microfilms can be searched at

Additional B/D/M records that are not microfilmed and can be found at the national Croatian State Archives are located in Zagreb. Microfilms and originals are available at this central archives. More details are available at:

Several regional state archives contain more municipal and early genealogical records. Consulting regional archives for a specific community is recommended. Regional archives are found in the towns of Bjelovar, Dubrovnik, Gospic, Karlovac, Osijek, Pazin, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Split, Varaždin, Zadar, Zagreb.

Regional centres can be contacted by telephone or e-mail. For details on regional archives see:


Croatian Censuses

A variety of census data is available for Croatia. The modern period covering the last 50 years is covered by two prime printed census listings. These are the:

  • Leksik Prezimena Socijalisticke Republike Hrvatske, 1948 Census
  • Hrvatski Prezimenik: Pucanstvo Republike Hrvatske an Pocetku 21.Stoljeca, 2001 National Census
For the earlier periods parish census records are a prime source.


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