Finding Your Italian Ancestors cover Kvarner Cemeteries


on the islands of Lošinj, Susak, Unije, and Ilovik


The Croatian islands of Lošinj, Ilovik, Susak, and Unije form a cluster that was settled together and which culturally and historically have been associated with the settlement of new families dating back to the end of the latemedieval period and the beginning of the modern era. Except for Lošinj, the outer islands (Ilovik, Susak, and Unije), each developed as one community, each with its own cemetery.


Many tombstones on the Kvarner island cemeteries extend back to the nineteenth century while the majorities areof a more recent date. These cemeteries are still in active used today. There is a tendency on some grave sites, to reuse the grave for new burials and therefore their marker inscriptions are often replaced by either new family members or by entirely new families. In the course of this transcription over five years, some tombstones have been replaced by new families which bore different surnames. In addition, some grave markers are reworked andnames and dates replace older text. Also each year new burial plots are erected and the process of burials, if continued over the next few decades, will change the names in the cemeteries to reflect current conditions, and by default, older tombstone names will be erased or replaced with new names. Where previous tombstone marker text is available it has been included with the current text in this record.