Grant's academic research into First Nations genetic history and archaeology forstered his interest in DNA studies. He has done several speaking sessions for the Ontario Genealogical Society on genetics and at a number of archaeology and anthropology conferences. He has taken part-time courses at the Smithsonian and carried out mitochondrial DNA sampling at the Merriwether laboratory at Binghamton University.


Papers presented include:


Archaic and Historic Population Clusters in Eastern North America, at 49th Algonquian Conference, Montreal, Oct. 28, 2017


Archaic and Woodland Population Clusters in Eastern North America, at Canadian Archaeological Association, Gatineau, Que. May 11, 2017


Exploring Historic and Prehistoric Milestones with DNA, North York Central Library, June 6, 2015


Traces of Middle Woodland Algonquian populations in southern Ontario with a special focus on Rice Lake, at the Ontario Archaeological Society Symposium, Peterborough, Ont., Oct.24-26, 2014


What Genealogical Questions Can Genetics Answer?, presented at the Ontario Genealogical Society's annual symposium, Hamilton Ontario, May 15, 2011


DNA Evidence for a Middle Woodland Algonquian Population: mtDNA analysis from the Donaldson Site, Ontario at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Physical Anthropology (L'Association Canadienne D'Anthropologie Physique), Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, 2006


mtDNA analysis of Archaic & Woodland Populations and its implications for Algonquian and Iroquoian Origins. Presented at the 36th Annual Conference of the Canadian Archaeological Association (Association canadienne d'archeologie), McMaster, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 2003




Grant has published books on the history of portages and there connection with Indigenous people(The Legacy of Vanished Trails: the Archaeology, History, and Location of Portages in South-central Ontario). He has also written chapters on "The Mississauga of Balsam Lake: A Genealogical Study of Forgotten Families in Old Victoria County" in Old Victoria County, 2017. His book the Scugog Carrying Place is a history of the early colonial period in Durham Region between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario. He has also written chapters on the "The Chemung Portage", in Peterborough Archaeology, 2015. Grant has published four books on Croatian and Italian genealogy and an online publication, the Croatian Genealogy newsletter.