Kvarner to the New World cover From the Apsirtides Islands to the New World: Lošinj Mariners, Shipbuilders and Settlers in the Americas 1748-2019


Discover how Captain Marchettich with a crew of mariners, from the small town of Lošinj on the coast of Croatia at the north end of the Adriatic Sea, sailed to the Caribbean in 1748 starting two centuries of navigation of Lošinj crews to North and South America. Discover how the Lošinj families of Catterinich, Cosulich, and Martinolich began shipyards and then transferred their ship building and mercantile enterprises to the Americas. Discover Lošinj family ship builders who immigrated to the United States to build boats in Mississippi; others who built pleasure boats and rumrunner boats in New York. Find out how a crew of Lošinj sailors helped rescue the survivors of the Titanic disaster.


Discover the early history of Lošinj immigration to the United States. Discover those that arrived before the American Civil War, who ended up participating in that conflict. Discover early settlers in California, who sought their fortune in the gold mines and about families in the Colorado coalfields connected with one of America's most violent strikes culminating in the Ludlow massacre with the deaths of women and children. Discover the Verona, a passenger ship built by a Lošinj ship builder which became the scene of drama between strikers and vigilantes in a shootout known as the Everett Massacre.


Find out about individual Lošinj immigrants and their descendants who prospered in the New World. Find out about Juan Budinich, the famous Chilean boxer, who popularized boxing in Cuba and South America. Find out about Simeon Fucich who built a thriving seafood empire in New Orleans. Follow the story of Joseph Cattarinich became the owner of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team and instituted the Vézina trophy. Find out about Michel Buble, the well-known singer, and his family ties to Lošinj.


Learn about three generations of the Scopinich family that built boats on Long Island, New York and currently remain engaged in the boat business. Discover still others who created large shipyards in Washington and California which built ships for the United States Navy. Find out about how several generations of the Cosulich family built the largest tug boat business in Canada, whose boats and barges operated along the Pacific Northwest and the Canadian Arctic. Discover the names of hundreds of ships and boats from Maine, New York, Mississippi, California, Washington, and British Columbia built by Lošinj families and their descendants. Finally, discover ships and boats that are in operation today plying the water of the Pacific and elsewhere.


This new volume is a replacement for the green cover booklet From the Kvarner to the New World.The new volume is a much expanded version replacing the out-of-print green cover version.


Currently in production, the availability of this volume, is uncertain as details for it's publication remain to be resolved.