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Issue No. 15, July 2007                                                   Hrvatski tekst

This issue introduces new publications that have been recently released on the Croatian islands, particularly the islands of Losinj, Lastovo, and Unije. Also a new volume on Croatian surnames is featured. Click on a heading to view:

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New Edition of Hrvatska Prezimena "Croatian Surnames"

The third edition (2006) of Petar Simunovic's Croatian Surnames (Hrvatska Prezimena: trece izmijenjeno i dopounjeno izdanje) has been released. Previous released editions were issued in 1985 and 1995. This text covers a large number of Croatian surnames and includes a 107 page index of surnames in a volume of 639 pages. Although written entirely in Croatian it is a good source of the variety of surnames that exist in Croatia and for the origins of these names.

This is a compilation of Simunovic's works that are gathered in this one volume. He includes short chapters on the surnames of various regions in Croatia proper, such as western Croatia, Istria, and Makarska, as well as, chapters on areas outside of Croatia that have had Croatian immigrants such as Moravia, Hungary, Italy, Chile, and the United States. Simunovic's section on the U.S. (Sudina Hrvatskih prezimena u SAD-u), "The fate of Croatian surnames in the United States" describes the changes Croatian personal and surnames have undergone in that country.

Hrvatska Prezimena is available from Golden Marketing-Tehnicka Knjiga in Zagreb and retails for around $50.


Publications for the islands of Losinj, Susak, and Unije

A variety of new books are now on the horizon dealing with the genealogy of the three adjacent Croatian islands of Losinj, Unije, and Susak. Two of these books, on Unije and Mali Losinj are featured in this issue. A number of other genealogy books have come out in previous years for other island communities. A list of books on genealogy of the Croatian islands is provided below by name of the island, in order from north to south.

A new book is in the works for the island of Unije, which outlines the major families and history of the island. This joins Barbara Starkey's two indexes on Losinj and Turcic's book on the island of Susak. Anton Turcic featured the history and the families of Susak in his 1998 work entitled Susak: island sands, reeds, and vineyards (Susak: otok pijeska, Trstike i vinograda), while the text is written both in English and Croatian. Starkey's new index is featured in the following article. It joins Starkey's previous index for Veli Losinj, which was featured in the 2004 issue of this newsletter. Also in a previous issue of this newsletter, there appeared a review of the surnames of Mali Losinj in issue Number 2, and a review of Anton Bozanic's Iseljenici cresko-lošinjskog otocja u New Yorku i okolici in issue Number 3, which describes Losinj immigration to the United States.

Starkey's Index for Mali Losinj has compiled several thousands of entries from the vital statistics. A separate database of earlier Mali Losinj marriages, births, deaths, and family links is in process of being compiled by the author of this newsletter covering the period of 1635 to 1901.

A History and Family Genealogies for Unije, Croatia

The book on Unije is due to be published soon and is entitled: The History and families of Unije: a compiled history and family genealogies for the Island of Unije, Croatia (Unije povijest i obitelji: sabrana povijest i obiteljske genealogije otoka Unije, Hrvatska; La Storia di Unie: compedio e genealogia di famiglie dell'isola di Unije, Croazia), written in English, Croatian, and Italian. It is divided into two sections: a history of the island and a genealogy component featuring all the major families by surname and clan name.

The historic sections recounts the early piratic period, followed by the slow settlement of various families, and it also discusses the role of the Roman Catholic Church and immigration to the United States and Canada.

The section on family and clan genealogies offers a bird's eye view of each clan over the centuries and includes genealogy charts from six to ten generations in depth. The family origins and histories recounted include: Bellanich (Belanic), Carcich (Karcich, Karcic), Cecco (Ceko), Cosulich (Kozulic), Gallosich (Galošic), Giurich (Juric), Haglich (Halic, Haljic), Martinolich (Martinolic), Nadalin, Nicolich (Nikolic), Pillepich (Pilepic), Radoslovich (Radoslovic),Rerecich (Rerecic), Segotta (Segota), and Vallich (Valic). Photographs of various individuals and family homes are shown.

In addition, an appendix includes a listing of inhabitants from 1588 to 1800, the names and location of the households on the island in the 19th and 20th Centuries, and a listing of immigration records for those who immigrated to the United States prior to 1901.

See Issue 16 (July 2008) of the Croatian Genealogical Newsletter for more details on the book and ordering information.

Index to Marriages,Births and Deaths for Mali Losinj, 1821-1890

Barbara Starkey has come out with a new index of vital records for the island of Losinj entitled Stepping Back, Book 2 - A Compilation of Indexes of Vital Records from Mali Losinj (Lussinpiccolo), Croatia, 1821-1901.

Birth Records: 1821-1890 (over 13000 birth records sorted by father and the mother)

The index of birth records includes the following information: gender, baptism date, domicile number, name of child, birth date, and full name of father and mother. The original microfilm records are in Latin from 1821 to June 1858. After June 1858, the records were recorded in Italian, thus given names changed from the -ius ending to -o ending. Birth entries may contain the death date of the child along the left side of the entry; marriage information about the child or parents, particularly if the child was illegitimate; death information about the father if he died before the child was born; and, in some entries, the given name of either paternal or maternal grandfathers. The occupation is usually shown for the father on the birth entries.The place of origin may also be included in the parent information.

The following is an example of an indexed birth record:

Gender Baptism Date Dom Child 			Birth  Date 	

F 	12 Jan 1879 36 	Nicolina Giovanna 	7 Jan  1879 	
F 	30 Aug 1869 24 	Margarita Giovanna 	27 Aug 1869 	
M 	31 Jul 1867 24 	Antonio Guilio 		30 Jul 1867 	
M 	16 Aug 1875 38 	Guilio Marianno 	14 Aug 1875 	
M 	1 Aug 1865  24 	Giuseppe Antonio 	30 Jul 1865

Marriage Records: 1821-1901 (over 3200 marriage records arranged alphabetically by groom [the groom's index] and alphabetically by bride [the bride's index]

The index to marriage records includes the following information: date of marriage, domicile of the groom, name of groom, age of groom at marriage, status (bachelor or widower), domicile of bride, name of bride, age of bride at marriage, status, and full names of groom's and bride's parents.

The original records contain the occupation of the husband. In addition, the place of origin may be given. The original records also indicate whether the parents are deceased or living at the time of the marriage. Military marriage records have also been indexed. The military records provide some historical information about the groom in the form of rank in the military, place of origin, and possible other important facts.

The following is an example of the bride's index (note: name of parents is not included in this example):

Date        Dom  Groom 		  Age Status Dom Bride        Age Status 

22 May 1841 543  Suttora, Joannes   30 	C 337 Abramich, Hyginia 20 C 
8  Nov 1880 961  Suttora, Giovanni  35 	C 763 Adametz, Antonia  26 C 
27 Dec 1834 570  Scopinich, Joannes 25 	C 604 Ahel, Antonia 	20 C 
23 Dec 1901 23 	 Vidulich, Antonius 32 	V 491 Ahel, Caterina 	37 C

Death Records: 1822-1859 (over 4400 death records arranged alphabetically)

The index to death records includes the following information: gender, date of death, domicile number, full name of deceased individual, relative, and age at death given in years (y) and/or months (m) and/or days (d). On the index, S denotes son of, D denotes daughter of, W denotes wife of, and WW denotes widow of.

The original microfilm records are in Latin. The following is an example of the death index:

Gender 	Death Date  Dom Name 			Relative 	Age

F 	22 May 1827 639 Valentich, Dominica 	W-Mattheus 	87 
F 	19 Nov 1835 445 Valentich, Germana 	D-Joannes 	6 
M 	20 Dec 1830 673 Valentich, Johannes 	S-Mattheus 	5 
M 	19 Nov 1852 778 Valentich, Mattheus 	S-Lucas 	1

Stepping Back-Book 2 is an excellent resource for researchers who wish to identify family connections in Mali Losinj, formerly called Lussinpiccolo. It is also a good source for those who are examining families in Veli Losinj, the former Lussingrande, because often families intermarried between these two adjacent towns.

The cost for a hardcopy of the indexes is $80.00. This cost includes printing, binding, packaging, and shipping in the United States.

Contact information is: Barbara J. Starkey
1839 N. 600 W.
Mapleton, Utah 84664
Email contact:

Lastovski rodovi "The Families of Lastovo"

Lastovski rodovi "The Families of Lastovo" by Antun Jurica and Nenad Vekaric, is published by Zavod za povijesne znanosti u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik in 2006.

Jurica and Vekaric have done a remarkable job outline every family on the island of Lastovo. At the beginning of Lastovski rodovi there is a summary in English and view of the main settlements on Lastovo with a bird's eye view showing where the houses were in the 14-16 Centuries and the same area is displayed as it was in 1880. The main part of the book is an extensive alphabetic listing by family surname. Each family has a written history, usually outlining its early origins and place of migration to the island, if the family came from elsewhere. Also included for each family usually is a photograph of the house where the family lived and its house number. Along with this data are coloured charts showing the evolution of the family surname and lineage names over the centuries and a listing of heads of families from 1673 to 1918 also including, the present day (2006) occupants of the family home.

Jurica and Vekaric gathered data from a variety of sources. A fairly complete collection wills from the island are available from 1508 to 1816. A set of genealogies, the Genealogije Lastovaca, have been transcribed by Niko Kurelja in 1894 outlining many Lastovo families. One of the prime sources for the book which helped gather data for each family household, came from the Status Animarum or household census of the late 19th Century. With the Status Animarum and the previous census of 1763, 1730, 1780, 1830, 1880, and 1918, Jurica and Vekaric were able to construct household genealogies. On top of this the authors also relied on the traditional vital records as found in the local parish records for birth, marriage, and death.

Jurica and Vekaric's book is a compendium of the major families of the island of Lastovo. It is heavily annotated with photographs of the people and the houses in the town of Lastovo. Some of the families can be dated back to 1329 A.D. A small summary (pages 13-19) is provided in English. Lastovo has had a long history connecting it with Dubrovnik which administered the island from the Middle Ages. The various noble families, which ruled the island are listed.


Genealogy Publications for the Croatian Islands

A number of books about the families and genealogies for the Croatian islands are featured in this issue. Three new books are now out or will soon be available on the islands of Lastovo, Mali Losinj, and Unije. They join books in previous issues of the newsletter, which featured the islands of Cres, Pag, Veli Losinj, and Vis. Other books on Croatian island genealogy have been added to the bibliography and include books on Hvar, Rab, Susak, and Ugljan.

A listing of Croatian islands, from north to south, and the genealogical publications associated with them are listed below:

  • Krk
    Strcic, Petar / Bodul i bodulija Krcki kalendar (1996): 87-91

    Matejcic, Franjo / "Prezimena na otoku Krku" In: Krcki Zbornik 6 (1975): 209-256

    Bolonic, Mihovil / "Prezimenia i nadimci u Vrbniku" In: Krcki Zbornik 1 (1970): 463-474; 475-480

  • Rab
    Frankulin Travaš, Davor / Prezimena stanovnika grada i otoka Raba od XV. do XX. stoljeca
    In: Radovi Zavoda za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru 45 (2003): 97-127

  • Pag
    Granic, Miroslav / Paški grbovnik (Book of heraldry and Pag nobility), 2002


  • Cres
    Bozanic, Anton / Iseljenici cresko-lošinjskog otocja u New Yorku i okolici, 1997

    Cus-Rukonic, Jasminka / The Heraldry of Cres: Coats of Arms and Insignia from the City of Cres, 1989

  • Losinj
    Bozanic, Anton / Iseljenici cresko-lošinjskog otocja u New Yorku i okolici, 1997


    Starkey, Barbara / Stepping Back: a compilation of Indexes of Vital Records from Veli Losinj (Lussingrande) Croatia 1774-1918, 2006

    Starkey, Barbara / Stepping Back, Book 2 - A Compilation of Indexes of Vital Records from Mali Losinj (Lussinpiccolo), Croatia, 1821-1901, 2007

  • Unije
    Karcich, Grant / The History and families of Unije: a compiled history and family genealogies for the Island of Unije, Croatia, 2008 (Unije povijest i obitelji: sabrana povijest i obiteljske genealogije otoka Unije, Hrvatska)

  • Susak
    Turcic, Don Anton / Susak: otok pijeska, trstike i vinograda (Susak: island sands, reeds and vineyards), 1998


  • Ist
    Fijo, Oliver / Pomorstvo Otoka Ista
    In: Radovi Instituta Jaugoslavenske akademije snanosti i umjetnosti u Zadru (1957) III: 235-264

  • Dulgi Otok
    Armanini, Jerolim / Stanovništvo Sali na Dugom otoku od davnine do kraja 20. stoljeca, 2001

  • Pašman
    Kolanovic, Barbara / Naslov: Povijesni antroponimi otoka Pašmana (1279.-1355.) In: Cakavska ric : polugodišnjak za proucavanje cakavske rijeci (2002), 1/2: 429-442

  • Ugljan
    Milic, Ivica / "Prezimena, imena i nadimci sela Kukljice na otoku Ugljanu" In: Zadarska smotra : casopis za kulturu, znanost i umjetnost, 48 (1999[i.e. 2003]), 4/6: 41-74

    Jelic, Roman / Stanovništvo Zadarskih otoka 1608. godine, 1974

  • Murter
    Juran, Kristijan / "Stanovništvo Murtera 1858. i 1915. godine" In: Radovi Zavoda za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, 46 (2004) ; str. 335-367

    Skracic, Vladimir / "Prezimena mjesta Murtera" Murterski godišnjak : zbornik, 2 (2004[i.e. 2005]): 289-319

  • Split Region Islands
    Maksimovic, Goran / "Stanovništvo opcine Bol : prinos poznavanju demografije naših otoka" In: Hrvatska obzorja : casopis Ogranka Matice hrvatske Split, 7 (1999), 2: 393-418

  • Brac
    Jutronic, Andre / Stara raseljena naselja i nova naselja na istoku Braca, 1962

    Andreis, Mladen / "Stanovništvo otoka Braca u drugoj polovici 18. stoljeca" In: Grada i prilozi za povijest Dalmacije, (1997), volume 13: 205-236

  • Hvar
    Vukovic, Siniša / "Antroponimija Vrbanja : nadimci i prišvarci mjesta Vrbanj na otoku Hvaru" In: Cakavska ric : polugodišnjak za proucavanje cakavske rijeci, 32 (2004), 1: 113-135

    Bezic-Božanic, Nevenka / "Popis stanovnika otoka Hvara iz 1673. godine" In: Cakavska ric : polugodišnjak za proucavanje cakavske rijeci, 19 (1991), 1 : 29-43

    Bezic-Božanic, Nevenka / Stanovništvo Jelse, 1982

  • Vis
    Bezic-Božanic, Nevenka / Povijest stanovništva u Visu (History of the Vis poplation), 1988


    Felando, David / Komiza: land of my forefathers, 2001

    Bezic-Božanic, Nevenka / Stanovništvo Komiže, 1984

  • Lastovo
    Jurica, Antun & Nenad Vekaric / Lastovski rodovi (Lastovo Families), 2006

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