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Croatian Genealogy Newsletter

Issue No. 19, January 2010                                                  

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New Books

Two new books provide an introduction to Croatian genealogy for the novice. The books Pred zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla: prirucnik za istraživanje obiteljskog rodoslova (Facing the family tree mystery: a handbook for researching your family genealogy), and Rodsolvni Prirucnik (Genealogy Handbook) cover the basics in genealogical research. Both books cover how to get started, parish records, and searching at the Croatian State Archives.

Pred zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla is written by Mladen Paver and Gordan Gledec and was published late last year. In addition to the common Croatian genealogy topics it also includes a section on the Council of Trent and its effect on surnames, on the meaning of some of the oldest surnames, and on computers in genealogy particulary using family programs and the Internet. The book is 216 pages in length. Ordering information can be found from the publisher Matis at Matis is located in Pregrada, Croatia, north of Zagreb and close to the Slovenian border.

Pred zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla Cover

Rodoslovni Prirucnik was releases by Peter Hawlina last summer as a summary of how to carry out Croatian genealogy. Like Pred Zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla it is written entirely in Croatian containing no English summaries, but covers all the basic aspects of Croatian genealogy. In addition this second book also covers the use of genetic data in genealogy. Rodsolvni Prirucnik is published by Moziak knjiga and is 83 pages in length.

Rodoslovni Prirucnik Cover

Golden Marketing-Tehnicka Knjiga publications

In the previous issue of this newsletter we introduced the new multi-volume work by Franjo Maletic and Petar Šimunovic covering the surnames from the recent Croatian census and published by Golden Marketing-Tehnicka Knjiga. In this issue we will add a few other genealogical source books and regional publications by Golden Marketing.

Petar Šimunovic last year published Uvod u hrvatsko imenoslovlje (Introduction to Croatian Names). The book is 376 pages and continues the work of Šimunovic other works, such as his 2008 publication Hrvatska u prezimenima (Croatia in surnames) at 464 pages, and Hrvatska Prezimena published in 2006 and featured in issue No. 15 (July 2007). All these titles were published through Golden Marketing.

The link to Global Marketing surname finder has changed since the last issue (No. 18). The location to Croatian surnames can still be found and is now located at http: The index can be searched by using the proper Croatian spelling only. If you use the English spelling the index will not locate surnames. For instance if a search is made on the surname 'Karcic' no listing is found, but using the right Croatian spelling of the surname, which is 'Karcic' the index will locate all occurances of the name in Croatia. The index provides last name (prezime), village and municipality (naselje i opcina), number of individuals (nositelja), and households (kucanstava). This can be a handy tool for locating current inhabitants within Croatia, since it identifies location of individual who can then be traced by using the telephone listings.

Publications on Slavonian Genealogy

Slavonija: Povijest naselja i podrijetlo stanovništva (Slavonia: history of settlement and population origins) by Mirko Markovic was also published by Golden Marketing-Tehnicka Knjiga in 2001. Slavonia was depopulated in the late medieval period only to be repopulated by a variety of ethnic groups in the 18th and 19th centuries. This work deals with the population migrations. It also provides a historical overview of this part of eastern Croatia. The book is large in scope covering 616 pages and contains over 200 illustrations.

Slavonija Cover

A specific ethnic group in Slavonia has included Jewish families. Tomo Šalic has published on the Jews of Vinkovci in Židovi u Vinkovcima i okolici (The Jews of Vinkovci and its region). Published both at Osijek with Židovska opcina and Zagreb with Kulturno društvo "Miroslav Šalom Freiberger" this work is 483 pages and includes bibliographical references (p. 461-466) and index. Chapter 2 provides a history of Jewish families in Vinkovci and its region. A large part of the book (pages 37-293) gives the surnames of the region including the communities of Otok, Komletinci, Deletovci, Orolik, and Vodinci. Over 220 surnames are given of Ashenazi Jews. Some Sephardic families, which settled in Vinkovci in the 20th century are included. English summaries are provided for chapers on 19th century immigration, Jewish families, the economy, culture, religous life, and the Holocaust.

Issue No. 13 (January 2006) of this newsletter covered the Jewish families in Varzadin of northern Croatia. Most Varzdin Jews left the region for resettlement in the west and possibly to Israel after 1947. Similiarly, the Jews of Slavonia were victimized during World War II and property was nationalized by the short reigned Ustash government in Croatia. A list of nationalized property from archival sources has been published in the Journal of Contemporary History (1/2007, pages 97-116) by Zlata Živakovic-Kerže entitled "Podržavljenje imovine Židova u Osijeku u NDH" (Nationalization of Jewish property in Osijek during The Independent State of Croatia).

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