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Croatian Genealogy Online Newsletter

Issue No. 5, November 1, 2000

From the Adriatic to Lake Erie: A History of Croatians in Greater Cleveland

Set for printing November 21 is the new book entitled From the Adriatic to Lake Erie: A History of Croatians in Greater Cleveland by Ivan Cizmic, Ivan Miletic, and George J. Prpic. This hard cover book is published jointly by the American Croatian Lodge Inc., "Cardinal Stepinac" of Eastlake, Ohio and the Institute of Social Sciences in Zagreb.

The book covers Croatian immigration to Cleveland from the 1880's to the present. Over 1000 individuals are included. It is well indexed, contains a bibliography with over 500 pages of text. A book presentation will take place at the Americian Croatian Lodge in Eastlake, Ohio on November 21st, followed by a book introduction on December 10th in which all three authors are schedualed to attend. Later on December 18th, the European book promotion will be launched in Zagreb at the Dubrovnik Hotel with Ivan Cizmic and Ivan Miletic.

The main section of the book include chapters on:

  • The First Croatian Immigrants
  • Cleveland Croatians in the American Fraternal Movement
  • The Founding and Work of Croatian Ethnic Parishes and the Churches of St. Paul and St. Nicholas in Cleveland
  • Cultural Life and Ethnic Business
  • The American Labor Movement
  • Political Activities
  • The Difficult Years: 1941-1945
  • The Croatian Community from World War II to the Present
  • The Religous Life
  • Croatian Catholic Union
  • Culture and Education
  • Economic and Political Contributions
  • Croatians in Sport
  • Political Work After World War II
  • Croatians in Cleveland Work Towards the Establishment of a Sovereign Croatian State
The following is the bibliographic information for the book:
From the Adriatic to Lake Erie: A History of Croatians in Greater Cleveland by Ivan Cizmic, Ivan Miletic, and George J. Prpic (Eastlake, Ohio: American Croatian Lodge, Inc., "Cardinal Stepinac" ; Zagreb: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, 2000); iii, 557 pp.:illus. maps, notes, bibliography, index. Hardcover. $35.00

The publication is available from the:

American Lodge
P.O. Box 1060, Willoughby, Ohio 44094
telephone (440) 354-4125.

Immigration History Research Center (U. of Minnesota)

The University of Minnesota's Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) houses a substantial collection of Croatian material dealing primarily with documents printed or written in America.

Of special interest are IHRC's manuscript holdings which include the papers of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America, Lodge 530 (Melcher, Iowa), and the private papers of Ivo Lupis-Vukic (1876-), and Francis Ralph Preveden (1890-1959).

An extensive Croatian newspaper collection is housed at IHRC from the 19th century to the end of the 20th century. Some of the earlier titles include: Chicago (Chicago, 1893-1894); Domovina (New York, NY, 1916-1917); Hrvatska Zastava, Croatian Flag (Chicago, 1905-1917); Hrvatski Glasnik, Croatian Herald (Allegheny, PA, 1908-1919); Jadran, The Adriatic (San Franscisco 1908-1915); Napreda, Progress (Allegheny, PA, 1896-1908); Narodni List National Gazette (New York, NY, 1898-1920).

A variety of serials from the United States and Canada are found at IHRC. These include the Croatian Fraternal Union of American Zapisnik Konvencije starting in 1900, Nasa Nada Kalendar, Our Hope Almanac (Chicago), and Slavjanska Sloga (San Francisco, 1895).

Heraldicki Cres (The Heraldry of Cres)

The Heraldicki Cres / The Heraldry of Cres / Cherso Araldica / Das Heraldische Cres is a well photographed publication illustrating the Coats-of-Arms and Insignias that dot the doorsways in the town of Cres on the island of the same name. Two hundred and seventeen coat-of-arms are listed along with photographs and a map showing their location. The book, as the title indicates, is written in Croatian, Italian, German, and English.

The coat-of-arms within Cress are found above doorways, on facades of buildings and on tombstones. They date from the end of the 14th century up to the present day and include the coat-of-arms of the Cres noble families and later Venetian families, plus those from the state, and various religious and secular groups.

Of importance to genealogists are the various coat-of-arms of the families of Cres. The Petris family, a well known Cres family, is featured in several coat-of-arms in Cus-Rukonic's book. Other families mentioned in this book include: Antoniazoo-Bochina, Bochina, Bono, Colombis, Draza, Drava-Petris, Ferricio, Massari-Bochina, Mitis, Moise, Petris-Bochina, and Rodinis.

The following is the bibliographic information for the book:
Heraldicki Cres by Jasminka Cus-Rukonic (Mali Losinj : Narodno sveuciliste, 1989) 178 pp.:illus., map (Mala Turisticka Biblioteka; knjiga. 1). Text in several languages: English by Barbara Demo, German by Heidi Zimmermann, Italian by Carmela Scarano Maracic.

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